«I Communicate Therefore I’m Free»

The project “I Communicate Therefore I’m Free” runs from November 2014 at the juvenile detention center in Avlona. The young inmates who participate in the Art Therapy workshop communicate through photography their thoughts and worries. They learn how to handle the camera and they will eventually create,...

Art Therapy Workshop, «Portraits»

Τhe workshop took place in the 14th Antiracist Festival of Athens. Inside a mobile photographic studio immigrants make their portraits with the help of professional photographers and then combine their portrait with a photograph coming form the greek reality. The final productions are hanged in the...

Documentary «2G»

In co-production with GUERRILLA CINEMATOGRAPHY, SAVEFRAG productions and a group of 5 young second generation immigrants living in Athens, create a documentary about the issues that concern young people living in Athens.

Art Therapy Workshop «Personal stories»

Τhe workshop started in January 2009 and is still running. It is part of the european actions «Methods of social integration» of the programme TACT, which fights against the TRAFFICKING, in co-operation with the N.G.O Arsis. of under age children. The population participating are Street Children of Athens, especially...

Video Therapy Workshop «My documentary»

The project «My documentary» was implemented in 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It addressed adolescent girls «street children», who lived in an asylum/shelter in the suburbs of the city. After a year of hard work, they managed to make an autobiographical documentary using all the knowledge they had obtained.  

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