When art meets history, politics and therapy.

  • How do we teach human rights to people who are deprived of their freedom?
  • What are the historical elements of the European Union that might help cultivate a healthy political consciousness?
  • How will the new developments in the labor market contribute to the smoother reintegration of these vulnerable groups?
  • And how does all this connect to Art Therapy?

Members of NGOs and individuals working in detention facilities throughout Greece are called to answer the following questions through their participation in a 2-day free training session.

AMAKA in the context of the European program “E.U.R.O.P.E.” organizes two independent cycles of seminars:

Α.) The first cycle is for representatives of NGOs and/or Non-For-Profit Organizations.

Β.) The second cycle is aimed at employees working in prisons (administrators, security personnel, social services and others).

The main objective of these seminars is to bring together the professionals and institutions that are active in the sector of confinement, and who want to get involved in this field, by cultivating innovative practices, interfaces and actions.

The themes of these seminars are: European history, human rights, the rehabilitation of offenders and their integration into the new labor market.

Within the short time that these seminars take place, the participants will have the opportunity to be introduced to the basic concepts of Art therapy and how they can be used in detention facilities. Additionally, the participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, needs and concerns and enter new collaborations.

The seminars are part of the European program E.U.R.O.P.E. and are held in collaboration with the University Collegium Civitas in Poland, the NGO Slawek Foundation from Poland and the NGO Valto-sav Alapitvany from Hungary. Trainers from countries of the European Union will contribute to the seminars by presenting to us the conditions in the respective holding camps abroad and by giving useful information regarding the conditions which are prevailing at the moment in Europe in regards to confinement, Art and human rights.

In this context, we consider that it is vital for any interested individuals/organizations -who are active in relevant fields (or intend to become active)- to participate, as it a unique opportunity for networking and training.

The program E.U.R.O.P.E predicts that upon its completion, Art Therapy workshops will be held in detention facilities and holding camps in Greece, as well as in Poland and Hungary, and that is why the participation of representatives working at such facilities is necessary, as it is one of the programs’ priorities.

These seminars will be implemented by AMAKA in collaboration with volunteers participating in the program E.U.R.O.P.E., who already participated in the first training cycle that was held in April 2016.

The seminar is FREE and certificates of participation are given by the University Collegium Civitas.

The first cycle which is aimed at the employees working at detention facilities, who are working in administration, social services, security personnel and more, will be held Friday, 3rd June (16.00- 21.00) and Saturday, 4th June (10.00-16.00)

The second cycle which is aimed at members of NGOs and related organizations, will be held on Saturday, 4th June (15.00-20.00) and Sunday, 5th June (11.00-16.00)

The seminar will be conducted in English

Please fill in the REGISTRATION FORM and email it at: info@amaka.gr

* Due to the limited number of places (18 per cycle) participants will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Detailed Seminar Program
  • Team of speakers from the UniversityCollegium Civitas

Venue : Satovriandou 34, 1st Floor, near Omonia metro station

Organized by:
+30 2117801256

Salvation Army – Green Light Project

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