N.G.O. AMAKA organizes at the Cultural Venue ROMANTSO, from February 24 until March 2 2015, the artistic exhibition THIVA KM102, with artistic works of the prisoners of Thebes Women’s Prison. The artistic exhibits are the result of the homonymous workshop of Creative Art Therapy which was applied in this detention center during 2013-2014 as part of a larger European project entitled:

«PAROL – writing and art beyond borders, beyond walls»

The workshop involved 14 women who through their photos, videos and sketches transfer us to their world of confinement and in a world of hope where everything is possible and the person remains free under all circumstances.

The viewer will have the opportunity to share – through art – the agony and the stories of a group in our society who rarely has the opportunity to speak, or being heard. Also, through a “magic box”, the viewer will be able to communicate with prisoners by writing messages that will later ‘travel’ to the prison.

The exhibition includes photographs, drawings, video-installations, rich graphical material, as well as works from other European prisons involved in the project.

During the exhibition, on Sunday 1 March, a workshop will be held on: “Photo, Video, Theatre: Treatment” with speakers from the fields of Art and Health, where detailed information on the structure of the program that was applied during the workshops will be presented.

On Monday 2nd March, the team PLAYBACK Ψ will join us at ROMANTSO to share with us a unique and existential experience. The team will present a performance called “playback” inspired by freedom.

expo1 expo2

EXHIBITION DATES: 24.02.2015-02.02.2015
HOURS: Mon-Wed-Fri: 17.00-22.00, TUE-THU: 10.00 22.00 SAT-SUN: 12.00-22.00
OPENING: TUESDAY 24/02/2015: 19.00

ROMANTSO, 3-5 Anaxagora st, Omonia.

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