The Phototherapy workshop, “My Photo I” aims to provide the basic theoretical and practical background on the therapeutic use of photography. It is designed for photographers, therapists, visual artists, educators, sociologists, psychologists, etc., and anyone who wants to deepen his/her relationship with the visual image, develop his/her photographic eye and learn basic ways of using visual/ photographic   images in therapeutic and non-therapeutic settings.

Phototherapy as a separate practice appears for the first time in modern history in 1975, with a reference to this term by the Canadian psychologist Judy Weiser. Nevertheless, the therapeutic use of the visual image is an integral part of the art of photography itself, since the first trace of silver appeared on the glass plates of the old photographic camera.

Looking at the history of art, and in particular photography, and deepening our understanding around visual culture theories, we build the foundation upon which we will rely to open up a creative dialogue with the visual image.

“A child perceives the Self in the mirror as his own and he identifies with it, he becomes the picture. Facing the camera and pressing the shutter transfers us directly to that early process of definition of the Self.”

The creation of the image inside a therapeutic process is just the beginning of a long journey. The image becomes the means to activate thoughts, memories, and feelings. What for a photographer could be the ultimate destination, in a therapeutic relationship is just the starting point.

In the first 12 meetings of “My Photo”, participants will have the opportunity to enrich their theoretical and practical knowledge of photography, experiment with specific phototherapy and photography techniques such as self-portrait, family albums, and learn the basic principles of methods such as participatory photography, LTP and Photo Voice Literacy. By completing the cycle, each participant will have acquired profound techniques of working with visual arts in a therapeutic way.

“My Photo II” is designed for people who have already completed the first cycle, and are interested in developing a complete phototherapy intervention plan adapted to a specific framework (eg phototherapy with inmates, phototherapy with unaccompanied minors, etc.). Participating in individual meetings or small supervision groups, the students will be driven from the beginning / conception of the idea and its theoretical background, to its practical application and its framing through specific qualitative and quantitative evaluation tools.


-History of Art Therapy- Art Brut

– The History of Photography – Photography through the cultural, political and artistic perspective of each Era.

– Visual language, Conceptual Photography and Documentary Photography. Development of visual language and modern visual culture.

-Practical and technical introduction to the Art of Photography

-Case Studies: Group Future Analysis, Discussion on Portfolio

– The use of photography in the field of Art Therapy. Introduction to specific Phototherapy Techniques: Use of Third Party Photos, Use of Photographs Made by the Participant, Portrait and Self-Portrait, Performance and Phototherapy Enactment, Family Albums

-Story Telling through Photography, The Importance of Photography and Symbolism in Storytelling, Documentary photography, Advocacy photography

– Photography as a strategy of empowering students through visual literacy, photography and creative writing.

-Participatory photography, Photo Voice, Community Photo-Therapy

-Methodology and development of an integrated intervention plan.

* Participants from the beginning will have the opportunity to explore phototherapy techniques, and experientially apply their new theoretical knowledge.

* Personal photographic equipment is not required, but is welcome.

* At the end of the workshop students will receive a certificate of participation and a complete electronic envelope including notes from the meetings and photographic material.

Tuesday 06/2/2018 at 18.30 -21.30 
and every Tuesday for twelve meetings with a two weeks break during Orthodox Easter

480 euros, payout in 4 installments of 120 Euros

Giannis Kafkas, Niovi Stavropoulou, Myrto Papadopolou, Christos Varvantakis,  Pinelope Petsini

Amaka Studio, Agiu Nikolau 11, 11741, Koukaki, Athens, metro station : Syggrou- fix 

Application form here
For info pleaseemail or call 0030 6932959732.

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