Listen, Observe, Taste and Smell

AMAKA has the pleasure of participating in the eco-literacy program designed by APIVITA along with the non-profit organizations AGONI GRAMMΙ and NEW WRINKLE. The program is aimed at youth who reside in the provinces of Ioannina and Grevena in North rural Greece and is funded by the profits of the new series of APIVITA body care products made with Pindos wild herbs. The innovative program will be launched at schools in January 2018 bringing innovation at both business and social models.

The Eco- Literacy Program includes actions from various organizations in the schools of the Municipality of Ioannina and Grevena. AMAKA designed an original action, called  ” THE PHYTOLOGIO OF PINDOS” which aims to educate the teenage population living in the mountainous villages of Greece around their natural environment with which they have daily contact. Young people observe their surroundings through photography and visual arts, they take pictures of plants and herbs, and with mixed media techniques (typography, collage etc) they create a printed version of their work, which reflects their engagement with the natural environment.

The specific workshop will take place in selected schools from May 2018 onwards.

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