Amaka crosses over the Atlantic ocean to participate in Santa Fe Art Institute ( SFAI) program called “Equal Justice”.

From September 2017 through August 2018, SFAI will bring together over 80 Equal Justice Residents to Santa Fe. These artists, creative practitioners, and content experts from all over the world will explore how art can be used to engage systems of power and transform systems of structural oppression.

This melding of artistic practice, expertise, and activism builds community, critical dialogue, and radical imagination. Each artist and collective has proposed specific projects of focus.

The proposal of AMAKA is the design and implementation of Literacy Through Photography (L.T.P) and Advocacy Video workshops having as target group Native Americans living on the Southwest U.S.A and new comers refugees to the States from Syria and Afghanistan.

Workshops are due to start February 2018.

Stay Tuned.

The program is supported by the Fulbright Foundation in Greece.


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