Photo_opPORTunity – Workshop and Exhibition

in collaboration with the Underage Offenders’ Guardians Department of Piraeus

The photography workshop “Photo_opPORTunity” aimed at the familiarization of the teenager participants with the art of photography. Through the introduction of techniques, the workshop’s objectives are the represantion of the concept of the “limit” in photography, and the introduction to the participants of analogue and objective photography as means of representation and reinterpretation of the world around them.

Photo_opPORTunity : (abbreviation photo op)

The term in the americnan journalist slang implies the formal and directed poses of politicians and other celebrities. The term has a negative connotation, to signify a fake “event” which is presented as actual news. in order to present the people photographed in a flattering light.

The photographic material which comprises the exhibition is a result of the workshop while its participants are underage offenders. It undermines the use of the team in the sense that it offers images unfiltered and not directed; the snapshots which the young photographers chose to capture through their lens.

An open invitation to a unique photowalk to Piraeus!

The workshop lasted from January until May 2017 while the final exhibition was presented within the framework of the first mind the fact festival from the 26th until the 29th of May 2017.


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